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Reap what you sow

This is the story of a company, but above all of a family.
Since 1929 we have been passing on the value of knowledge of work from father to son, elaborated in time to solid expertise thanks to the experience of four generations. First as tradition, then as a proper added value, guaranteeing the best possible quality has always been a trait of ours. Every day we are dedicated to offering the best flours and semi-prepared mixes paying particular attention to the choice of raw materials.
On the strengths of our tradition, we’ve always worked towards an innovative route. It is for this reason that our complete range of flours, semi-prepared mixes and concentrates meets the needs of who produces bread, from the little baker to big industries, then to arrive on the tables of families.
0ur working philosophy has been developed respecting the environment and national and international safety regulations and it has been realised with the introduction of a photovoltaic system which allows the reduction of the cost of production and lower emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere.


All the goodness of experience

Our story is genuine, just like our flour.
At the core of the story there’s the mill, that has been present in the territory of Marmirolo since the period of Gonzaga, and following the German ownership during the first world war.

1929 was the year of the acquisition on behalf of Pietro Magri and his son Cuore Modesto, who took on a new way of innovation and technology. In 1948 a new factory was created and in 1969 the new silos for storage of raw materials. In the 70s the company began to be managed by Gian Pietro Magri, the current president of the mill, with whom new silos for finished products were bought in 1978.

The 1980’s buy way to handovers and new ideas. Anna, Modesto and Stefano begin working in the company next to their father, and our business meets a new productive and qualitative impulse. At the end of the 80’s a mixing plant is realised, which allows a diversification and personalization of the flours produced.

The revolution of technology is at our doors. In the 90’s our productive system becomes computerized and in 1999 a managerial system for the quality certificate UNI EN ISO 9002 is introduced, and then updated to meet new requirements Vision.

The value of experience has been transmitted through generation to generation, together with the history of who has done their jobs with passion, knowing respecting and innovating the original territory by guaranteeing raw materials of quality.

Head office

All the goodness of experience

Profondamente legati al nostro territorio
e fieri di un passato storico.

Profoundly bonded to our territory and proud of a historical past.

Our head office is situated in Marmirolo, in Via Mantova, and it is located in an extended area where you can find:

  • Silos for the storage of finished products;
  • Commercial and administrative offices and research and control laboratories;
  • Garage and porch for lorries, vans and trailers for the transport of finished products.

Around the building there is an area for non building purposes and is our ownership and a vast area dedicated to goods arrivals.

We also have other warehouses (in the province of Rome, Perugia, Pescara, Pisa, Grosseto) used for storing goods, to facilitate distribution, widespread in Italy. Scopri dove siamo visualizzando la cartina.

Our brands

The brand Molino Magri

An in-depth research in time. We have developed an operating method consolidated to refine the production of special flours, semi-prepared mixes and concentrates for bread making, pastry making and pizza making – a range that responds to the needs of who produces bread and who sells it directly.

Our flours are created like this, a result from the elaboration of carefully selected soft wheat. A range of products that is articulated in 4 lines of products:

  • PanePlus (flours, semi-prepared mixes, improvers)
  • PizzaPlus
  • DolcePlus
  • NucleoPlus

Complete the choice of range packs by kg, with flour type universal 00, type 1 0 km, Manitoba and Fresh pasta.

These products have been created and realized in conformed ways for the needs of present customers nationally and abroad. In this way we distinguish ourselves in the production of quality flours, and for the efficiency, punctuality of deliveries and technical assistance.

Mill’s activity

Natural Vocation

Actively present in the territory, the brand Molino Magri tells a story made of antique flavours. The culture of bread, a natural element for excellence, and its flour, quality raw material, are intensely sustained with activities that promote the knowledge of soil and wheat.

It’s not a coincidence that our company is in the zone of Marmirolo, Mantuan area: it has always been an area for the production of wheat, maize, rice and other soil cultivations. One of our many activities puts at the centre the flour type 1 at 0 km-Bergamo, created with sewn grains near the city.

This firm has been realised thanks to a solid collaboration with our local partners – like Aspan of Bergamo, the Association of bread makers of the province. A joint venture renewed again this year on the occasion of the “Sample fair of Bergamo”, where the flour at zero kms has been the protagonist with an exclusive production of bread.


The Future, Today

Our constant belief has always continued through time: to create a production of innovative flour, highly technological and completely automated thanks to a mixing plant and a computer system which monitors and assures the traceability of every phase of the production line, from receiving raw materials to the loading of the final goods. In the past few years our plant of stock has doubled and has a series of silos in steel to guarantee a final product with the best constant and hygienic characteristics for the customer.

Not only: the perfection of the lorry park belonging to us allows the maximum punctuality and flexibility in deliveries.


From environment to environment

fotovolaicoWe at Molino Magri strongly believe in the green philosophy and themes on sustainability through constant research of Avant-guard technology and instruments.
We have always been attentive regarding ecological requests, we have cultivated a responsible and profound philosophy. With sensitivity rooted into innovation we have decided to invest in the future: in 2011we introduced a photovoltaic implant, totally integrated with 1400 square metres of monocrystal panels, which allows us to save nearly 114000 kg of co2 every year.

Moreover, we invest in the sector of quality control- equipping a laboratory which deals with the ongoing research and development of new products and technology.